A lawyer can specialize in many different areas of this profession

A lawyer can specialize in many different areas of this profession. For instance, they may choose to specialize in a certain area of law such as criminal law, defense, prosecution, tax, or environmental law. Lawyers mostly work indoors and in office buildings, however, one travel may be required when meeting with clients or attending court hearings.

Lawyer Career Video Transcript

Lawyers advise individuals, businesses, and government agencies on legal issues and disputes, and represent them in court and legal transactions. Also called attorneys, lawyers inform their clients about their legal rights and obligations and help steer them through the complexities of the law. They also advocate for their clients in court by presenting evidence and making legal arguments. Lawyers conduct research and prepare documents, such as lawsuits, wills, and contracts. They also oversee the work of paralegals and legal secretaries.
Lawyers work for law firms, governments, and corporations. In government, prosecutors are the attorneys who file charges against those accused of violating the law, while public defenders represent individuals who cannot afford to pay an attorney. Lawyers who work in law firms often start as associates and may advance to the ownership, or part-owner, in their firm. Those who do not make partner after several years may be forced to leave, a practice is known as “up or out.”